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Rafting Tour

An unforgettable experience

Is rafting dangerous?

Tourist rafting is as close to the guests as possible and is not dangerous as long as you follow all the instructions given to you by authorized persons. Rafting in which you participate does not require prior knowledge, because you will receive all instructions and answers from the organizers and the guides (skippers).

What should I take for rafting?

Personal belongings: spare sneakers or sandals or other footwear intended for water; Swimsuit; a towel, which you will use after rafting and possibly a warmer jacket or sweatshirt if you feel cold after rafting.

Optimal group for rafting

If you have decided to visit us in groups, the best option is 6-8 people, in which you get your guide and your raft boat. If you do not have such a group, again it is not a ‘problem’, because after contacting us, we will give you a few suggestions for the days when we can include you in a rafting program, with a group that has the same ‘problem’.


Rafting on the river Neretva

Rafting on any river presents unique experience.We want you to be sure that rafting in our organisation wil be unforgettable aduventure with lot of fun  that you will always remember of.Make ready for a filled day full of laugh and adrenaline as well as smell and flavor of traditional bosnian kichen.

We can offer you organised transport from the region!Transport to Konjic from the place you appoint!

If you want adventure, adrenaline or you simply like to visit new places then canyon of Raketnica is ideal places for you.Rafting on this river in summer period takes about 3,5 hours where you can enjoy in 23 km long boat ride, while in winter period you can take a chance to enjoy in beauties of these region of short boat ride of 7 km. The most important thing of rafting is safeness so wr hire only experienced and licensed (IRF) guides and provide travel insurance and complete equipment for water.We want you to take pleasure and forgeth about all worries at the starting point.


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